Beethoven Cello Sonata no 3, opus 69 – Gould/Rose‏

by richibi

 "A Day in March" - Robert Spencer

A Day in March(1918)

Robert Spencer


hot upon having seen a tremendous recital
by two internationally renowned interpreters
of the cello sonatas of Beethoven, neither
could I find their own renditions on the
Internet but their individual performances
only of works by other composers, some
astounding, others not, nor performances
by other artists of the same works I could
wholeheartedly recommend, even the big
ones, sometimes they have an off night

but with Beethoven, Glenn Gould never
lets you down, he is, quite simply, ever
transcendent, watch his Cello Sonata
no 3 of Beethoven, opus 69
, with cellist
Leonard Rose, up as well to so august
a challenge, be unequivocally
transported, don’t not watch, just click,