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2016, a rumination‏


                                         Warning Sign (2006)
in an introspective moment, I mused
    the days move on, the years, it’s 
    2016, beyond what I could ever 
    have imagined, born as I was 
    before even television nearly, 
    1949, Israel was being invented, 
    the Geneva Conventions were
    being devised 
    the future had been predicted with 
    “2001” in 1968, Kubrick’s visionary
    masterpiece, if not quite with “1984“, 
    Orwell’s 1949 attack on imminent, 
    impending, totalitarianism 
    though that work was too close to  
    have significant impact, we still, by 
    that eponymous date, weren’t at all 
    aware of possible pervasive 
    personal monitoring, of even 
    entirely innocent transactions, 
    we were busy deregulating, 
    privatizing, ceding our patrimony
    to unscrupulous speculators, that
    which our forebears had even died 
    for, who once had been serfs and 
    as indentured
    Big Brother since has been 
    identified, verified, and you, we, 
    are the perpetually espied
    we are seduced by the idea that 
    our innocence will be our salvation, 
    though innocence, like beauty, 
    truth, is in the eye of the, not 
    necessarily impartial, beholder 
    and the beholder, the monitoring 
    eye, cannot be impartial
    see God
    we have ever been at the mercy 
    of not necessarily Reason, but
    inexorable Fate, though prayer, 
    I’ve found, has worked miracles
    it is the only hope we have
    I wish you miracles

a haiku by W.H. Auden‏

He has never seen God
but once or twice he believes
he has heard Him
                    W.H. Auden  
in trying to find this poem on the Internet after I’d come
upon it in the New Yorker, November 14, 2011, I settled
upon this unlikely site which gave the work enormous 
Colin Keenan pays heartfelt tribute to his friend, Wes
Wehmiller, both of them to me unknown
in preparing us for the poem Keenan says, 
                  Auden came to understand that the essence
                   of prayer is not to talk to God, or to ask for
                   something, but to listen. I think that faith is
                   simply the ability to understand the language
                   that is spoken.” 
I think it is a profoundly insightful comment, it’s how I
listen in fact to music, for its easier access to the too
often too evanescent otherwise sublime, the mystical,
the miraculous

Stefan Lochner

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                                   Stefan Lochner




                       “Madonna in the Rose Bower”                            




                                    for Christmas


                           I wish you faith in angels