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“Le Jazz Hot” – Henry Mancini‏

  John Cage - "Mozart Mix" (1991)

Mozart Mix (1991)

John Cage


in a movie,“Victor Victoria”, that should’ve
gotten more Oscars than it finally did,
Le Jazz Hot sizzles, Henry Mancini
received one for the music, Lesley Anne
Warren should’ve too for her incandescent

lock the door, she says to Julie Andrews,
in an otherwise compromising moment,
a line one should never forget

in Julie Andrews’ category, who could’ve
taken it away from Meryl Streep for
“Sophie’s Choice”

but jazz here is a misnomer, jazz merely
dolls up in this number an otherwise
entirely Classical structure, the melody
is right out of Mozart, rigid rhythm,
unflinching tonality, and repetition after
repetition, you can sing along just as you
can for Mozart, try doing that with anyone
after him, try to hum along with real jazz

but I’ll entirely agree that this
whatever-it-is is hot, steaming

catch the astounding vocal glissando
at the very end, just before the final
whispered recitative, riveting



John Cage "R/5"


John Cage


so far among the questions and answers,
opinions and replies my several courses
have engendered, this is my favourite,
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parsing art – John Caged‏

Fernand Léger - "Les éléments mécaniques"" (1920)

Les éléments mécaniques (1920)

Fernand Léger


more John Cage, if you dare

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with, if you can believe it, Garry Moore,
I’ve Got a Secret“,
a trip down memory

also ads for Winston, and Bufferin, very
Andy Warhol, thrown in, entirely the