a grab bag of love songs‏

by richibi

 "The Scale of Love" - Antoine Watteau

The Scale of Love ( c.1717)

Antoine Watteau


a clutch of other pop songs that have
moved me in March

for its unabashed servility, Mon Dieu – Johanne Lefebvre

please, God, she says, let my lover be
with me still even for a short time, time
to tell each other of how we adore each
other, time to create for ourselves
memories, six months, three months,
two, one month only, let him remain,
time to begin or time to end, time to
glow or time to even suffer, please,
God, don’t take him away

for its irresolute resolution, I’ve Been Loving You Too Long
Emmanuel Nwamadi

for its recriminations, self-flagellation, Jealous Guy – Kevin Bazinet

for its out-of-control hormones, Sing – Liana Bureau
and Dominic Dagenais