Cello Suite no 4, in E flat (trans. to C for guitar) – Bach

by richibi


       The guitar player (1894) 

                Paul Gauguin


                                               for Daniel, despite his 
                                                               occasional jabs

transcribed for guitar, Bach’s Cello Suite no 4 
becomes an entirely other experience, listen

less transformationally, the original key, E flat,
is transcribed, altered, to the key of C, you 
won’t even notice 

from an introspective, however lively often,
utterance, I hear here, rather, a serenade, 
before a balcony, before the balustrade of 
blushing señorita, demure beneath her 
modest mantilla, quivering behind a  
fluttering matching fan, at the sincerity,  
and artistry of her courter, his 
unadulterated, and utterly vulnerable 
pursuit, an unmistakable expression of 
his devotion, ability, agility, and eventually, 
his worth, which is, incidentally, what art 
is, when achieved, always irresistible, even 

plus who wouldn’t surrender everything 
to this guitarist, apart even from his art

R ! chard