me in the key of B major – im/patience‏

by richibi


                     “Patience (1542)

                        Giorgio Vasari
if I would’ve, my mother said
if you what, I interrupted
if I would’ve, my mother said
if you what, I again interrupted
whereupon she became rattled,
disoriented, unable to even see
the sentence, never mind the
words therein swimming, in
very genetic accord with my 
sister, see my sister
she took a deep breath, as I much
earlier, on another matter, had urged, 
propped herself up, and corrected 
herself, if I had, she said, and 
continued her sentence with the 
proper grammar, if I had, I would’ve 
I was relieved, I sighed, surely, that 
it hadn’t been the more obstreperous 
if I wouldn’t’ve, another related error, 
which would’ve required several more 
deep breaths to unravel, I’m sure, a 
chaos of conditionals confronting an 
innocent enough negation can be a 
not especially edifying sight  
I am, as my father was, exacting, as 
has always also been my mom, and 
I have a hard time with incorrect 
grammar, I cringe at it, much as they 
did when I didn’t properly vacuum 
their floor  
now, of course, but before my new 
housekeeper, I would go under the 
rug and into all the even most
impracticable corners, a great 
lesson having been learned 
you’re too impatient, she had 
complained, in a wretched voice 
that expressed her distress
what do you mean, impatient, I 
said, it had been about the 
computer that time, how to 
learn to use it, for people of a 
certain age, it is a new, and 
next to inscrutable, language
I was patient
I said take a deep breath, I said,
I said I have all in the time in the 
world to wait, which I did, I said
just do it, she did it, and is now
comfortable at her computer
but I touch up her grammar now 
and then, when it falters 
my sister can also now, of course,  
tell the time 
I have prayed for patience, it is
the work of a lifetime, and it often 
looks like impatience, even to 
also the reverse