Bruch Violin Concerto in G minor‏, opus 26

by richibi

Max Bruch

Max Bruch


still under the spell of the captivating
Akiko Suwanai, it didn’t take me long
to search out this enchantress further

as a follow-up to the perhaps tonally
discomfiting Berg I earlier highly,
nevertheless, recommended, I found
this utterly thrilling Bruch

Max Bruch, a Late Romantic, a
composer of the full flowering of the
Romantic Age, before Brahms, for
instance, Impressionism and the turn
towards social grievances rather than
the merely personal, Karl Marx, and
the rush towards isms, Capitalism,
Fascism, Communism, even indeed
Impressionism – is famous for
especially his Violin Concerto in G
, his first of three, and Kol
, a setting for the introduction
of a Jewish service, suggesting
Bruch might’ve been Jewish, which
he wasn’t

I’ve always been indifferent to the
Kol Nidrei“, perhaps because I’m
an utterly lapsed Catholic

but the Violin Concerto is something



psst: compare the Bruch to the Berg
for powerful historical insight
into the evolution of music in
the West