“Dancing at Lughnasa”

by richibi

   "O'Malley Home (Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland)" (1913) - Robert Henri

O’Malley Home (Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland) (1913)

Robert Henri


a quiet February evening, or even a quiet
February afternoon, would be perfect to
watch Dancing at Lughnasa“, a fireside
movie with family and warmth, even
chickens, it’s Ireland, 1936, in the distance
the Spanish Civil War, sisters are taking
care of each other

Meryl Streep heads an impeccable cast,
each performer surely inspiring the other
for such excellence to so generally shine
through, the magic is inveterately

Michael, Christina’s illegitimate son, tells
the story of when his dad visited them all
that summer he was seven, children are
always the victims, also the survivors

the play won the Tony Award in 1992 for
Best Play of the Year

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