what is a philosopher‏

Henri Martin - "Philosopher"


Henri Martin


considering the response below too
forthright for a discussion we were
having on a university course website,
interactively dealing with the question
of free will, I nevertheless found worthy
my opinion of what a philosopher is,
which I deign to mount here on my,
less discreet, canvas

if you’ll allow

it is evidently a dramatic monologue



what is a philosopher

you are not a philosopher, sir, to take
offence so quickly, a philosopher is
objective, and wouldn’t allow for
emotion to get in the way of even an
offensive argument

but with irrefutable logic simply
expose his, her sound position

indeterminacy would be encountered
with humility first, then grace, only
ever consummate deference

if you’ll allow



psst: see, for more on indeterminacy,
Socrates, ever catering to objections