“Requiem” – Andrew Lloyd Webber‏

by richibi

a friend sent me a video of an unlikely
international trio wowing the judges
on “America’s Got Talent”, of all
places, with as unlikely a musical
choice, something called Pie Jesu“,
not at all, I thought, prime time
but I was also wowed
the Pie Jesu“, I learned, is one of the
chants in, of all people, Andrew Lloyd
Webber’s Requiem“, to my mind now
his undisputed masterpiece, despite
his other more notable but less
convincing, I thinksuccesses
it consists of a series of chants, much
as movements in music, incidentally,
which is probably where music itself
would originally have copied that
more formal, and decidedly potent, 
the Pie Jesuis the last chant in this
from its stunning, Oscar-ready,
conductrix to its other soaring
musical heights 
but it seems to me that the last part 
as written,the Libera me“, for some
reason or other was not included,
though you’ll find the rest here will
already, and quite triumphantly,
indeed indisputablyperfectly do  
wow, indeed
psst: note the white triangles of the
        hymnals, the music books, like
        origami angels, Miro abstracts,
        or artful representations of,
        indeed, the very Christian
        also, thanks Norm