poetry without words

by richibi

this little tyke and his dog are right out of
irresistibly, in either case, engaging
the music however, instead of the completely
unrelated rock song clanging away here,
should’ve been the much more apt
“Pastorale” Sonata of Beethoven, I think, 
which catches to my mind entirely the
innocent, carefree, effervescent and
unadulterated spirit of the the tyke, of any
man or woman about to discover the world,
any world, no matter how young or old we,
any of us, are 
wishing you only ever wonders
psst: this is also an apology for a particularly
          lax text in my last instalment, wherein
          I should’ve made the Pastorale” 
          particularly shine but didn’t, here I
          think I make amends, you might
          actually, and incontrovertibly
          profitably, listen