“Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard” – Thomas Gray

by richibi

                                            for Wills (and June)

when a friend told of her sister’s sudden death only
a day after they’d laughed over the phone together
I could only think of words for her of condolence,
but which could never reach the depth of compassion
I intended in so grievous a fall 
I looked for an appropriate poem in my recall of
those that had profoundly touched me to do with
came first to my memory despite the very nearly half
century since I’d read it, “tolling” still despite those
many intervening years 
it is no wonder I remembered, it is upon reading it
again the most beautiful poem I’ve ever come upon 
it isn’t a short poem, 128 lines
but give yourself a private moment  just to ponder,
assimilate, it’s searing wisdom