“La Forêt de Paimpont” – René Magritte‏

by richibi

Forest of Paimpont - Rene Magritte      
                                          La Forêt de Paimpont(1963)
                                                             René Magritte   
                                                        for Jami, my ekphrasis teacher,
                                                             who opened my ears to my
                                                                   eyes and both consequently
                                                                          to my heart 
this painting, my latest desktop, is for me about
childhood and fairy tales, the sunrise is about the
possibility of wisdom, not only adventure, the trees
are the poetry, their slight shiver, shimmer, tremor
in any cool, bracing breeze, they are also my spears,
potential weapons, to either aid or threaten me, as
I wander towards the horizon, pink with my fantasies, 
no less vivid for me than for Don Quixote his windmills, 
I am aware, but beautiful nevertheless in the colors
of those dreams, which I would have no other 
I am of course the knight riding towards the
undifferentiated sunset or sunrise, and I have
no clock