untitled – a friend

by richibi

a friend wrote, after best wishes for the new year and 
generous comments about my postings, comments I
am of course too modest to include here, Here is a
poem I wrote, probably for my grandchildren.  Hope
it makes you smile.”     
smile, I thought, I think it’s brilliant
what do you think 
psst: it’s untitled, maybe you’d like to come up with 
         something, I thought maybe “Dinner”

I am a fish I have a tail
I swim to the depths I tease a whale 
I dine on bits of this and that 
Blow Champagne bubbles through my hat

I am a fish with a mermaids tail
I thought for a while I loved that whale
But when he tried to dine on me
I found him too salacious

I am a fish with silver scales
A hundred percent better than whales
I spin with a shoal of metallic shine 
Cans of sardines drunk on wine

I look through my  mirror and see the sun
Rip tides dancing I join the fun
I travel knots till the sun goes  in
Silhouettes only the light is dim
Below the waves in a stormy sea 
I’m safe with an octopus having tea
He changes colour looking at me

I am a fish with enormous eyes
A bit short sighted but never mind
I see the colours of coral reefs
Colours quite beyond belief
Hermit crabs and tidal drifts
Seaweed gardens Neptune’s gift

I was a fish with a silver sheen
I dreamed of all I could have been
Ceto’s daughter Poseidon’s Queen
I shone in the moonlight luminesque
I bit at sunbeams I did my best
But like that mermaid on the rock
I really should have taken stock
I never dreamed I never wished 
To be a filet on a dish.  
                                  a friend