drums, revisited

on the subject of drums a friend sent me an interesting
corroborative reply, a drum extravaganza, something
for me to chew on 
I wondered what this would be called
a symphony, though of even all the same instruments,
by definition would require harmonization of sounds,
but their conformity here precludes that, there are
no sounds, nor even complementary beats, to
an orchestra requires more than one instrument, here
there is but one  
nor do we have a concerto for having only a single
musical segment, should we allow, for that matter,
for the very term music 
I confess, however, that I distinctly hear here a tango
therefore music
a tattoo is an outdoor military pageant, according to
Webster’s dictionary 
I would think the actual rhythmic composition could
be called by the same name, a tattoo, written by, if
one were looking for a composer, as when we look
for painters in the art of the Early Middle Ages, no
one known, anonymous for being functional only
rather than arresting as of yet or sufficiently
individually remarkable 
will this change 
psst: thanks Jim for the reference