Venus of Willendorf

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                                Venus of Willendorf 
                          (24,000 B.C. – 22,000 B.C.)
by giving it prominence in a work of art an artist by definition
idealizes a figure, gives it stature, Andy Warhol did that to our
own cultural overlord, Commerce, with his soup cans, putting
them right up there where altarpieces used to be, these icons 
are even in financial institutions now in fact instead of churches,
supplanting thereby the earlier Christian message, which you
don’t see represented very much in art anymore incidentally,
our present culture not finding much of an even metaphorical
call for it any longer it would appear 
Marilyn” (1960s)
Mickey Mouse” (1981)
the Venus of Willendorf (24,000 B.C. – 22,000 B.C.)
Benefits Supervisor Sleeping” (1995)
these last two upending what is in fact only an arbitrary
cultural notion of svelte and silken beauty ever, though
often vigorously held