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by richibi

 "Fields in the Month of June" - Charles-François Daubigny

Fields in the Month of June (1874)

Charles-François Daubigny


there were no poems not tawdry
about the month of June when I
looked, I read of the moon a lot,
of blossoms everywhere blooming,
troubadours crooning, couples
spooning, ubiquitously and
indiscriminately, none enough to
warrant my further attention

but this lyric, serendipitously,
finally, touched on what I thought
June might bring up

June, it said, is busting out all
, to corroborate, just click

incidentally, Monet, a year earlier,
1873, had painted his Wild
Poppies, near Argenteuil
, the
month of June in his conception
being addressed here perhaps
merely peripherally

but it seems Daubigny and Monet
must’ve known each other

again just click