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by richibi

 "The Singer" - Wassily Kandinsky

The Singer (1903)

Wassily Kandinsky


though a new winner was crowned
this year again at Québec’s La voix“,
last year’s winner, who made a guest
appearance at the ceremony, wins
again hands down, I think, Yoan
Garneau incontrovertibly delivers

listen to him sing both “J’entends
siffler le train”
and “Good-Hearted
, wherein I am of course
the good-hearted woman

listen to Peter, Paul and Mary do
“…siffler…” in the original English,
you’ll cry

meanwhile at The Voice UK“, Stevie
McCrorie sings I’ll Stand By You“,
powerfully, and wins despite the
formidable opposition from Lucy
O’Byrne doing No Surprises“,
wherein I am the very air that
bristles around her music