“The Voice”‏

by richibi

"Their Master's Voice" - Michael Sowa

Their Master’s Voice

Michael Sowa


The Voice, a program which has gone
international from its roots in, of all places,
Holland, in 2010, sets out to find big talent
among its contenders

and several can really contend

the contestants are not necessarily local,
a Canadian, for instance, Leona Philippo,
won the Holland competition in 2012,
bravo Leona

the program has proliferated, counting
replications around the world, from, if
you can believe it, Afghanistan to
Australia, Croatia to Cambodia, Canada
to, even, Azerbaijan, I’m not alone in my
enthusiasm, music, it appears, binds the

blind auditions are held, wherein the
contestant sings before four eminent
judges whose faces are averted, but
who’ll individually turn should that
voice stir, excite, inspire

should more than one turn, the singer
must choose the mentor who’ll move
him, her, or them along, duos are
eligible, see here already for an

each judge ends up with twelve acts

in the battle rounds, the judges divide
their teams into couples, who’ll sing
the same song against each other,
leaving the team with six, judges are
allowed to steal two from the other
three teams who might’ve lost out,
after which the rules become too
byzantine for me to get into, you’ll
have to watch to figure it out, all
available on your computer

my pick of the UK battle rounds pits
Classical Reflection, ethereal twins,
against Emmanuel Nwamadi, a
chthonic, elemental force, they sing
Mike and the Mechanics’ – who,
honey – “The Living Years”

at “La voix”, from Québec, Dominic
Dagenais and Liana Bureau show you
how to incontrovertibly sing “Sing”

hey, as Liana would say, do it

wow, and wow