“Probability” – Lia Purpura‏

by richibi

"The Miracle of Light While Flying" - Gerardo Dottori

The Miracle of Light While Flying (1931)

Gerardo Dottori


miracles, like beauty, are in the eye
of the beholder

they are astonishing circumstances
sufficient to transcend

if one dares



Most coincidents are not
miraculous, but way more
common than we think—
it’s the shiver
of noticing being
central in a sequence
of events
that makes so much
seem wild and rare—
because what if it wasn’t?
Astonishment’s nothing
without your consent.

Lia Purpura





coincidents, incidentally, are the,
plural, components of a coincidence

coincidences are the components
of, as stated above, miracles

note also “Probability‘s” loose rhymes,
“sequence”, “events”, “coincidents” /
“wasn’t”, “consent” / “more”, “shiver”,
“rare”, like glimpses of gold beneath
a nebulous surface, open to discovery,
something miraculous