January, internationally revisited‏

by richibi

 Fern Coppedge - "January Sunshine"

January Sunshine

Fern Coppedge


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From: Penticton, B.C., Canada
Subject: Re: “January Sunshine” – Fern Coppedge
Sent: January-23-15 6:00:48 PM
To: me

Wood in the fireplace + scent of bread baking and casserole with onions, garlic, various vegetables, pie in the oven, reading a psychological thriller and wearing comfortable warm clothes. Cocooning…

Thank you for the picture

Have a very pleasant weekend



From: Australia
Subject: Re: “January Sunshine” – Fern Coppedge
Date: January-23-15 6:08:41 PM
To: me

Thanks for this Richard
Now our January at the other side of the world is totally opposite. We have beaches to lie on, fires to fight, koalas to save, frackers to stop, flocks of birds to welcome home, festivals to dance in and the majesty of knowing that to live in this land is an unsurpassable gift.

I believe Canada is as wonderful but with a cooler outlook.

From: Greece
Subject: Re: “January Sunshine” – Fern Coppedge
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2015 19:20:08 +0200
To: me

Actually this is very much like home for me. My new home that is. This is what my village sort of looked like about a month ago when we had a huge snow fall. The snow has slowly been melting since then and bits of red crumpled Marlboro cigarette packets and now yellowish Amstel cans are appearing. I wait for spring so they can be covered again this time in green.
Thanks again Richard.

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here from my picture window the
mountains are shrouded in cloud,
the rain, adamant yet gentle, has
been relentless the past few days,
though the clement temperature
has risen to a balmy 12, a weather
front wafting in from Hawaii

under my paisley umbrella soon
I’ll be off to read Shakespeare with
a friend, to add poetry to an
otherwise grey day, with only the
glow yet of cherry blossoms, like
radiant little rosy souls, prefiguring,
on the limbering branches of still
skeletal trees, the advent of an
already resurgent spring


psst: but what is January in the great
scheme of things, in the universe,
but an anthropomorphous
poeticization of, however
significant, a localized merely,
and only incidental there even,
condition, however global

January is, in other words, one’s
particular potential, I gather, for
poetry, what you make of it

which should apply, theoretically
of course, to everything

if you’ll allow me the extrapolation