walking in beauty – January 10, 2015‏

by richibi

 Osias Beert  - "Still Life of a Roast Chicken a Ham and Olives on Pewter Plates with a Bread Roll an Orange Wineglasses and a Rose on a Wooden Table"

Still Life of a Roast Chicken, a Ham and Olives on Pewter Plates
with a Bread Roll, an Orange, Wineglasses and a Rose on a
Wooden Table

Osias Beert


it didn’t take long before I realized that
walking in beauty is not an exterior thing
but interior, it happens on the inside,
what there is to see out there is indifferent,
neutral, beauty is, indeed, in the eye of the

one graces the object, the situation, the
passing of time and space, with one’s
perspective, actually calling a thing
beautiful makes it so, making it so
defines who you are, so does not making
it so, succumbing to what life has to give
you instead of touching up the cracks,
beauty is the colour you paint the house
you live in, you choose the paint

Ahh, but there is beauty in those ‘grey bleak uninviting days’..at least in the eyes of this beholder. I think of it as shades of silver and blue. And like the song says, “where the sun always shines, there’s a desert below..” la la la.

a friend writes, who’s chosen her paint,
turned grey into silver and blue

today my paint smells like chicken
roasting in the oven, in garlic and
ginger, with soya sauce, breadcrumbs
and butter

also fresh laundry

also still not being out of my pyjamas

thanks, Lynne