“A Repentance” – richibi‏

by richibi

Titian "Danaë" (1554)

Danaë (1554)



nor can I not report a poem that I offered
as an apology for an affront I’d caused,
utterly unwittingly, to one of my course’s
gracious participants

she had objected to slights against the
very perception of sex crimes, which I’d
egregiously equated, she said, with
soul-destroying profanities


A Repentance

(wherein I “bite my thumb”
at the Petrarchan sonnet, I think)

Stand certain, Anonymous, that
I am completely in your corner,
No even passing account of sexual
Crimes against women should

Ever overlook their horror,
Regardless of the context,
Erudite or otherwise, therefore
Let me here sincerely apologize

Your reprimand is not lightly
Stamped upon my conscience,
Only understand that for me a

Rape of the soul is also a
Repulsive matter, greatly also deplorable
Yours truly, Richard


you’ll note the acrostic interpolation,
“SINCERELY SORRY”, at the head of
each verse of my text, meant to
counter the mode of the offending
matter, John Peale Bishop’s vicious
A Recollection


psst: the painting above is the subject
of Bishop’s, completely
objectionable, stunt