“Fernando”, revisited‏

by richibi

despite still so profound an emotional
impact I haven’t been the only one to
wonder about Fernando‘s specifics

what’s happening, apart from the
throbbing melancholy, glory

it turns out that there are a couple of
people here, two men, or maybe a man
and a woman, reviewing a long gone
night when they crossed the Rio Grande

so Mexico, rather than Spain, must’ve
been the setting, I conjectured

the Mexican-American War, 1846 –
1847, established the border between
the victorious Americans and Mexico

these two must’ve been remembering
a particular private night, but I suspect
a more momentous night, conquering
territory, however ultimately it may
have been, however ignobly, lost

Wes Carr, an Australian Idol contestant,
does an impressive interpretation of a
song that is too iconic
to much ever
overtake, not to mention overwhelm

but what do you think