“No 7” (2014) – Apollo‏

by richibi

Photo on 2014-05-13 at 12.09 PM

“No 7” (May, 2014)



Apollo, my Charioteer of the Sun, God of Music,
God of Poetry, God of Countless Other Things,
is also a painter

just recently he graced my wall, newly painted
Burning Bush in a spirit of springtime
regeneration, a colour I hadn’t been able to
resist for its beatific implications, with his
“No 7”, so named in order not to influence
the journey taken to interpret it

call it what you will, he said, and I’m still
working on it

but the other evening at his place, four of us
together for a glorious indeed dinner, I created
a party game that could offer suggestions

what would you call it, I asked, what would
you call it, I’m still asking

“Splash”, “Flurry”, and “I Don’t Know”, are
out, for being already taken

have fun



psst: the solar mirror, incidentally, is also his
invention, that’s a Manet in its reflection,
a print of course