“To These Eyes” – W.S. Merwin‏

by richibi

this poem, Nemo, my most recent
favourite, seems particularly
germane to our conversation
           To These Eyes
               You only ones
               I ever knew
               you that have shown me
               what I came to see
               from the beginning
               just as it was leaving
               you that showed me the faces
               in the realms of summer
               the rivers the moments of gardens
               all the roads that led here
               the smiles of recognition
               the silent rooms at nightfall
               and have looked through the glasses
               my mother was wearing when she died
               you that I have never seen
               except nowhere in a mirror
               please go on showing me
               faces you led me to
               daylight the bird moment
               the leaves of morning
               as long as I look
               hoping to catch sight
               of what has not yet been seen
                                     W.S. Merwin