“Don Juan DeMarco”‏

by richibi

Johnny Depp, someone whom until this movie
I didn’t pay much attention to, agreed to play
his part only if Marlon Brando would play the
psychiatrist, and Marlon Brando in response
goes on to prove again why he is 
Johnny Depp, however, is a veritable revelation,
holding his own, and more, to the great man, in
a role that has him take on the persona of “the
world’s greatest lover” conflated with that of
Zorro, an ingenious dramatic twist which the
writer neatly and convincingly interposes 
one of the writers, incidentally, is Lord Byron,
excerpts from his poem, Don Juan“, comprise
many of Don Juan DeMarco’s most rapturous
moments, you’ll easily spot them, only poets
can talk like that, or people truly in the grip of
Faye Dunaway, in a peripheral role, is never
ever a disappointment
and if that’s not enough, the whole thing is
presented in the thrilling accents of sensuous
and simmering Seville and the sinuous rhythms
of the smoldering tango 
Don Juan DeMarco” is absolutely irresistible,
you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll regain your very
youth in the incandescent spray of its 
rejuvenating formula, you’ll pause, you’ll 
ponder, you’ll find yourself reconsidering,
thoughtfully and profoundly, what it really
means to love   
psst: original song by Bryan Adams