“Wait Until Dark”‏

by richibi

Wait Until Darkout-Hitchcocks Hitchcock,
this is not an unremarkable feat
the director, Terence Young, had already
managed the early James Bond films,
Goldfinger“, and so had already
achieved noteworthy experience,
not to mention acclaim
here he delivers perhaps the most satisfying
suspense film ever
Audrey Hepburn is again more than luminous,
she claims again, following so many impeccable
performances, her inviolable spot as a veritable
legend and immortal goddess of art, though she
loses again the Oscar, this time to the other
incandescent Hepburn   
she chooses all her own clothes for the movie,
incidentally, in Paris
Alan Arkin has been equalled only recently, to
my mind, as a villain, by Heath Ledger‘s Joker
in The Dark Knight“, a much less convincing,
however, movie, Richard Widmark was pretty
nasty too, come to think of it, in 1946’s Kiss
when quizzed on why he didn’t get a nomination,
one, one would think, he should’ve had in the
bag, he replied, “You don’t get nominated for
being mean to Audrey Hepburn!” 
or touché, as we say in French
you’ll notice that the entire movie takes place
in one setting, a restriction imposed by the
fact of being originally a play, which must
abide such constraints, see Give ’em Hell,
however, having been raised in French I fully
subscribe to the Classical imperatives of unity
of time, unity of place, unity of action, which
this play delivers in spades   
the impositions, when masterfully maneuvered,
deliver entertainment of an even more impressive
order, see Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?for
another celebrated such instance 
when Wait Until Dark” was first screened lights  
were darkened “to the legal limit” during the
climactic scene
even in your well-lit viewing room, even over
forty years on, think of it, you’ll still need to
hold onto your seat, pacemaker 
Henry Mancini, however unlikely here, though
not especially ineffectively, does the music  
in the last scene he’s heartstoppingly hot