“A TOAST” – Brice Maiurro‏

by richibi

though I’ve tried to restrain myself from too
effusive appreciation of this inspired poet,
again tonight, a not especially eventful
though completely pleasant New Year’s
Eve night, watchIng the effervescent
movie, Charade“, with the ebullient
Audrey Hepburn and the equally suave
and captivating Cary Grant, at my mom’s,
inadvertently, a lesson in new, incidentally,
media savvy, foregoing antiquated television
for entertainment from her computer, I got
back home to the following Internet alert 
from evidently my presently favourite poet 
how could I wish anyone upon reading it, I
thought, a better New Year
I cede therefore to this supremely articulate
poet, who’s taken the time and his gift to
fashion a wish that I couldn’t’ve, nor had I,
articulated any better, had I found, I’m
sure, so instigating and grand a spirit
I had to pass it along
lift up your spirits!
to this cataclysmic evening!
this parade!
of howling wolves! and monkeys!
to the altered perspectives!
of angels!
and their subjective

let our warped worlds come together!
like pangea in reverse!
let all religions reside within us all!
and all around us!
this is my wish for you.
and all of you.
let us toast!
to the fact our irises
are all different colors!
and our pupils are
let’s get lost!
in the rambunctious sound
and remind our souls
that love
is not just romance:
it is
every breath
the flowers give us
and each one
we return to them!
that are dead
in winter
and alive
with lush green grass
and wide-
eyed people
in summers!
let’s toast!
to the smell of rain!
to the taste of laughter!
forever! tonight!
and ever after!
           Brice Maiurro