Debussy Preludes, Books 1 & 2‏

by richibi

if Debussy composed not only Études, in the manner 
of Chopin but Préludes” as well, Book 1 and Book 2,
with only twelve preludes apiece however, but for an
equal number of 24, to cover likewise all the keys, it
might be that his piano teacher, Mme de Fleurville, a
student of Chopin, she claimed, would have had him
duly practice her master’s musical methods, manner 
and propositions, accounting for the similar textures,
colours and even templates the diligent acolyte uses,
devout responses in effect to his mentor’s mentor
but time and temperament get in the way of an exact
of course replication 
Chopin follows the narrative line of melody, whereas
Debussy evokes a more nebulous mood, the line of
Romantic heroism has given way to the more abstract
investigation of the amorphous psyche or, if you like,
the suprarational soul, after Freud’s most recent
uncovering and elaboration of consciousness  
listening to Debussy therefore is more like looking at
a painting than reading a book, you are moved by the
evocative aspects of the composition, colour, texture,
tone, rather than by the chronological tale it no longer
unbending truth has given way to perspective, stream of
consciousness has superseded the narrator’s traditional
linear omnipresence, for better or for worse 
psst: Europe, as I was informed by a friend of mine, is
         celebrating Debussy‘s 150th birthday this year,
         he was born August 22, 1862
         may he live forever 
         thanks, Lajla