“The Tulip Folly” – Jean-Léon Gérôme‏

by richibi

The Tulip Folly - Jean-Leon Gerome           
                                                    The Tulip Folly” (1882)
                                                         Jean-Léon Gérôme
between the twin authorities of steeple and sworded 
supervisor bristles a field of obedient but effervescent  
flowers, transcending in their full and radiant bloom
their even regimented quadrangles with poetry and
multicolored enchantment in the very face of
overwhelming but presumptuous power, pointing to
the supremely existential act of just artfully being 
I am as well a flower
the dutch were so into tulips there was a depression caused when the value of tulips fell and they were developing the black tulip and all the breeding bulb secrets were highly guarded thus the importance of having guards literally doing the picking of the flowers so no bulbs could be snatched by others..good find Richard